Randomly Reminiscing


Sitting around the conference table last week, the other staff members and I started laughing about memories from this season, Wilson Contreras doing the Dougie, Humphrey doing the Dougie, practical jokes, etc. We talked about the walk off homeruns, the road trips, etc. I tend to give insight on the players and their lives on and off of the field, but what about HawksTown USA as a whole, players, fans and staff alike?

As I am sure it can be assumed, Jeimer Candelario, or J.Candy’s, walk off homerun was at the top of everyone’s list for the highlights of the 2012 season. At the top of my list was being dared by my boss, President and GM Todd Rahr, to call Candelario J. Candy out on the field. I did it and it stuck! For the players it seemed to be the walk off wins, road trips, and the first career homeruns for some that highlighted their season together.

Fans seemed to enjoy the walk offs just as much but two fans had specifics. According to Daniel Hart, the best part of the 2012 season was when Contreras taught the crowd how to Dougie during his post-game interview on the field, this would also be one of my highlights. For Jessica Jones it was her 4th of July proposal here at Memorial Stadium that will forever be a season and lifetime highlight.

For Thomas Wolff, one of our Ticket Sales Assistants, the highlight of the season was Coach Mark Johnson being tossed. “I like when the coach yells then goes bye bye … but on a serious note, Mark Johnson’s dedication to the ballclub has been my favorite memory. With many questionable calls by the umpires, Mark Johnson has consistently showed his support through his animated arguments to the point where he had to be removed from the game. Go Hawks!”

For others of us, it was a little girl full of energy and love, Megan Johnson, Mark Johnson’s daughter. She was only here for the first half of the season but she touched many hearts in the time she was with us here in Boise, especially Jinny Giery, Elizabeth Griffin and I. My favorite memory would have to be going down before the post-game interviews and talking to her for the last 2 innings, whether she was stealing my phone, playing with my hair or drawing on my notepad, she was a joy to be around, we all miss her.

Many of us also enjoy the fireworks. For one, we have the best fireworks in town and two it’s a great way to celebrate a Hawks win! Elizabeth loves this promotion the most. “I love the Fireworks nights! The fans love it and it is a great feeling when the show is over and they scream and clap!”

Other memories are a little less serious and a little more comical. “I liked when Elizabeth tried to see if the magnet still worked after the rain storm during Blues, Brews, and BBQ.”This would be Greg Marconi’s highlight of the season, so I will have to let you ask him more about that, it is a funny story, I suggest that you take the time to ask him for more details!

Jake Abbott, in the press box, has a different view of things. He had a few highlights including “When Casey announced Marco Hernandez as Marco Polo. Thomas doing the Hair Guitar all alone… you killed it by the way Thomas! JD getting punk’d with the North Boise Little League games on Sunday’s in the fall and Elizabeth ordering a mojito.” While two of these are self explanatory the last two may need to be explained, but again, I will let you ask about it! I am positive Jake would love to share with you.

Mike Safford, our radio broadcaster, had a tough decision. Mike travels with the team, so he had a few more memories to choose from.  “1. Sitting on the side of I-84 for six hours on our way to Spokane, 2. My trip to the Pacific Ocean in July (team is 19-10 since), 3. Eating Sweet & Spicy Wings nearly every night with Hal the Bus Driver at Applebee’s on the road, 4. – PJ calling Bill Buckner Buck Billner”

Overall Staff Favorites

“J.Candys’s walk off win.” – Staff

“Totally empty stadium, “Call Me Maybe” playing over the loud speaker, and Gregory Marconi in the press box dancing… then announcing, “Now batting, number #25, Shaun Cooper!” – Staff (ask to see the video)

“When the crowd encouraged one of our young anthem singers to keep going.” –Staff

 “Ann Hutton sharing her dance moves.” –Staff

“Jinny falling in the Diamond Club and Elizabeth’s uncontrollable laughing about it.” –Staff

“Boise Hawks Pizza Boy … Todd Rahr.” – Staff