I am a recent graduate of Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia with a BA in Communication and Sport Management (every high school senior should check it out, it is in the list of top colleges that will change your life, because IT WILL). I am originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, but after receiving a job offer in December, I decided to move cross-country to Boise, Idaho. First, I have to thank the Lynchburg Hillcats and their staff for the opportunity they gave me to work in baseball, they will always be my second family. Now, I am with the Boise Hawks, and I must say I hope this journey never ends. I LOVE ALL of the STAFF (which as we all know can be hard to say in a work environment), and I LOVE BOISE. 

I am starting this blog because I want to give a “girls eye view” on the Hawks baseball team, staff and fans (if you want the stats, player moves and game highlights, you can check out my friend Mr. Mike Safford on his blog).  I hope I can provide entertaining and heart touching stories from HawksTown this season.

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