A Life of Training with Jonathan Fierro


Jonathan Fierro, YOUR Boise Hawks trainer, has lived a life full of experiences most don’t get the chance to live. His father, John Fierro, was a trainer for the Chicago Cubs as well as the Phillies, Phoenix Coyotes and USA Baseball.

“When my father was still in baseball it was a lot of fun and something not a lot of kids get to experience but at the same time, it was pretty hard.” As Jonathan is figuring out on his own in his first season as a trainer, there is a fun side and a business side to the game. “The unfortunate side of the business and family life is that you travel a lot and work long hours. You don’t get off days during the season.”

While the experiences he had as a child were unforgettable, the memories he missed out on with his father arejust as memorable. “The first seven years of my life he was gone more than he was home.” Jonathan was able to hang out in the locker room a lot with his father but that was the most they would see each other. “It’s kind of a win lose situation but you grow to understand it.” And from what I gather, love it, as Jonathan chose trainer as his career.

With the effects of his career already shining through, he is having a blast with what he is doing. “I look forward to showing up at the ball park everyday and being able to travel to new places. I’ve been able to meet some great people on this team and in this league.”

Jonathan has also enjoyed learning about the different cultures and backgrounds with this team. “Everyone is from all over the world, the team forms a bond throughout the season and it’s like hanging out with your family every day. Sometimes you get into arguments but that’s going to happen.”

With playoffs just around the corner, Jonathan is just as stoked as the team is. “As a team, we didn’t commit this much time and effort to go home early.” With that being said, the off season does bring some excitement. “It’s going to be nice to see everyone again. I’ll end up working most of the off-season but I’ll sneak in a vacation and will have afternoons free to go hang out with friends and family.”

When it comes to life outside of baseball, Jonathan has a hard time getting away from sports, his life kind of revolves around it. “Oddly enough I stay away from watching baseball now a days, I see enough of it. I watch more Hockey than anything.” If he’s not working a sport, he is watching or playing it.

Growing up Jonathan played baseball through high school and one year of Jr. College. “When my dad started working for the Coyotes I tried playing Hockey but I like to pretend I’m a lot better than I am. It took me two years to learn how to stop on ice so that’s my main battle while I’m playing.”

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