Family Competition


Growing up with five siblings, and a mother who is more competitive than his father The Great One, Trevor Gretzky is used to competition both on and off of the field!


As a young boy Trevor took a shot at hockey but hung up his skates and turned in his stick for cleats and his baseball bat. “Ever since I was old enough to understand the game, I knew my goal was to be in the big leagues and win a World Series.”  For Trevor baseball seemed to come more naturally. “There was no hockey in Los Angeles. I played in New York but stopped at a young age.” Trevor still gets out on the ice occasionally but you can always find him at the ball field.

While practicing a different sport, Trevor has still taken a lot from his father, Wayne Gretzky, who got him started in baseball. If you ever stay to watch the post-game activities you will notice Trevor standing at the home dugout signing autographs until everyone has been talked to. “It was how I grew up, watching my dad. He always was and is one of those guys who takes his time to do those kinds of things. I’ve always respected him for that; he’s a big role model in my life.” Trevor also picked his stick based on his father’s liking. Easton came naturally as the brand of choice as his father used an Easton hockey stick. Trevor’s father introduced him to the baseball guys at Easton and he fell in love with their bats.

For those looking from the outside in, it may seem as though Trevor is living in a shadow but for him it’s not like that at all. “I don’t think about it like that. I go out and play the game that I love, I’m privileged to be in the position that I’m in now.”

Competition and being competitive is all part of that position. “That’s why you play the game. To win championships and knowing how hard all of the guys on this team worked leading up to this season fires you up to get out there and compete.”

Trevor Gretzky has some big shoes to fill but he is doing it in his own way.  “My father has always told me if you’re the hardest working guy out there good things will happen,” and that is just what Trevor Gretzky is doing with YOUR Boise Hawks.

Fun fact, if Trevor wasn’t playing baseball he would want to train dolphins.

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