Moving On: Greg “Macaroni” Marconi


YOUR Boise Hawks Client Services Manager, Greg Marconi, will be leaving the Hawks after four seasons of hard work and dedication. While the decision to leave was tough, Greg is originally from New York City and thinks it is time to be closer to his family. He will be with the Hawks through October 31st and will fly out of Boise November 7th, possibly sooner due to Hurricane Sandy.

Greg will be moving to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he will be taking on the role of Ticketing Coordinator at Bucknell University. The University is the nation’s largest private liberal arts university and was founded in 1846. In his new role he will get to travel a lot and work in many different areas of ticketing, not just the sports side of things. What will Greg miss the most here in Boise? “The majestic landscape, I don’t think anywhere else in the country compares to the Boise Skyline and the foothills.” 

While it was a tough decision for Greg to leave, it is also a tough transition for the Hawks staff who will miss him greatly! 

Our Favorite Memories with Gregory “Macaroni” Marconi

My personal favorite memories stemmed from our weekly, and some weeks daily, trips to Pastry Perfection, and also our day together in the press box for the Idaho Cubs Tournament when we played crazy bad music and he was the best PA ever! I would like to thank Greg for introducing me to such a yummy place (Pastry Perfection) and for being a great friend and co-worker. I will miss you more than you know. – (ME) Courtney Garner

“Pastry Perfection! The best cube mate of all time..he has been my only cube mate to date but he always answers my silly questions with a smile. My all time favorite memory with Greg would have to be our summer Call me Maybe parties, he knows just the right time to play it…which is all the time.” – Elizabeth Griffin

“1.  Greg volunteering to be Mikey Mouse during a game because of his total inappropriate love of Disney.  He then proceeded to wow us with his little dance moves while Boston Tommy is singing.  Needless to say…it made me and Zabeth giggle.  The video is here…

2.  Let me paint the picture.  Greg and I are working a non-game picnic event.  All the guest have left and we are shutting down the ball park.  I come out of the office to find Greg in the press box dancing to call me maybe and then this happens….

There have been a few gems like these with Greg.  They are all hilarious and entertaining.  I joke a lot about him being a goof-ball but my favorite moment is our almost daily trips and lunch dates to Chipotle where we would talk about anything and everything from Entenmann’s (East Coast people will understand) to our struggles at work and how to improve the Hawks.  He is a great guy and I am going to miss his positivity, his team mentality and just his overall awesomeness.” – Jinny Giery

“I remember Greg as a timid box office worker who drove out from Ohio without any promise of a job and wound up being a very valuable part of our summer staff back in 2009.  Andy Simon, our Dir. Of Sales at the time, really thought a lot of Greg and tried to convince me that he could sell.  I wasn’t sold!  However, I allowed Andy to make the call …and what a great call!  Greg was a tremendous asset for us since then and has become a person that will be really hard to replace.  From living in his car as a hungry intern to what he became with our company in such a short time really says a lot for Greg and his abilities and efforts.  He will be missed.” – Todd Rahr

Greg plans to be back for a visit next season; we are trying to talk him into a “Greg Marconi” bobble head night 🙂 


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