Out of the Shadow and headed to Game 7


The San Francisco Giants are faced with the opportunity to have a spot in the World Series for the second time in three seasons going into the winner take all game 7 tonight against the St.Louis Cardinals. This opportunity is exciting for big fan, Thomas Wolff, YOUR Boise Hawks on-field MC, as well as YOUR former Boise Hawk, Shawon Dunston Jr.

Stepping out of his father’s shadow, Shawon Jr. still has great excitement for his dad and the Giants. “It’s going to be rocking in San Francisco, black and orange everywhere.” Shawon’s father, Shawon Dunston, is currently a special assistant for the Giants after his 18 year career in MLB. “My dad is feeling pretty confident about the Giants chances; he is acting like it’s a normal game heading into today.”

As far as Shawon Jr. goes, he is just excited to experience the game. “I’m very excited, I’m going with one of my best friends I’ve known since we were twelve and he‘s with the Padres organization, so it’s cool now going to games as minor leaguers because we hope to be there sooner than later.”

Shawon Jr. was in the Instructional League this year along with other cubbies and he says it went well for him. “We just tweaked a few things in all areas of my game.” As far as looking towards next season goes, he is just trying to stay healthy and injury free, Shawon Jr. hopes to apply what he learned this year to next season. “Hopefully the success I had at the end of this season transfers into next year for the entire season.”

For Thomas it is a bit of a struggle being a Giants fan and stuck here in Boise, especially working for a team partnered with the Chicago Cubs. “I find it tough because I’m so used to walking around town seeing everyone decked out in Giants gear. There aren’t many Giants fans around here so I find myself sitting at a sports bar cheering by myself.” I’ll take it one step farther and say there aren’t many baseball fans around here, when football comes in that is Boise life.

Thomas proves that he is a diehard fan with his next response, “*IF* the Giants win,” he plans on making his way back home to watch one of the World Series games, the catcher is he won’t be watching from the stands. “Due to tickets being incredibly expensive, I’ll end up with my dad and brother in a canoe, floating around McCovey Cove with the other loyal Giants fans, quite a last minute adventure just to float around in the water outside of a baseball game.”


Thomas would also like to shout out to any fellow Hawks and/or Giants fans that may read this, “*IF* the Giants win game 7, send me an email Thomas@boisehawks.com, we need a specific place to watch the World Series games!


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