Moniker Madness Champion Swings for Homerun of the Year

He took Moniker Madness; can he take Homerun of the year as well? YOUR Boise Hawk Rock Shoulders has already won the 2012 Moniker Madness contest for the best name in baseball and has now been informed that he is in the running for the 2012 MiLBY Awards Homerun of the Year for his grand slam into another area code against the Yakima Bears September 3.

“It was a great accomplishment to be announced the best name in MiLB and win the championship for Moniker Madness, but being nominated for this is an even bigger accomplishment so this one would mean a little bit more to me and I’m honored to go up against all these great hitters.”

When highlighting the season with the team, almost every guy responded with Rock’s grand slam being at the top of the list and of course for Rock it was THE highlight of the season.

“This grand slam was great because it was in playoffs. We had been battling against Yakima all year long and their pitcher Perry did really well this year and in that at bat I just knew he was going to come with a slider with the bases loaded so I was waiting for it and he finally threw one that was hittable.”

Hitting Coach Bill Buckner had a lot to do with Rocks performance throughout the season. It was always Buckner that helped pull Rock back up when he had fallen into a little slump.

“I always knew I could count on him to help me figure it out and now I can do it on my own.”

Rock Shoulders is a young and talented player in the chase of his dream. Help him make yet another dream come true and support YOUR Boise Hawks by voting for him at

“I’d like to thank everyone who takes the time to vote for me to win this great award and tell everyone you know to go out and vote for me to win this. Thank you.”


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