Sticks & Tricks

Even when you know what you want, the options can be overwhelming! Who knew there could be so many choices when it comes to finding your homerun bat? Brands, weights, diameters, length, material … these are all things that have to be given thought when deciding what to try next.

Changes happen when it just doesn’t feel right for some and, for others, when they have a bad at bat. For YOUR Boise Hawk, Izaac Garsez, it is all about how it is weighted and feels in his hands. “I’ll switch it up if I’m not swinging it well.” Rock Shoulders goes bat by bat. “If I get a hit in my last at bat I keep using that bat, but if not, just whichever one feels good at the time.”

Shoulders prefers an i13L 34inch 32oz bat while Trey Martin orders his bats by selecting a big barrel model like C243 or I13. “I like the weight in the barrel so I know where the head of the bat is at all times.

I also asked about routines in the on deck circle and before stepping into the batter’s box because with Martin I always noticed something a bit different with his routine. “Before I start walking to the plate I squat and say something, depends on the day and time what I say, then I stretch my hamstrings, walk up, and take a deep breath.” Shoulders routine is a little different; it consists of putting pine tar on his bat and then rosin. “I grab my bat, take my time getting ready, take a couple of dry swings and then once the batter before me gets a hit I start to walk to the plate, crack my back, mess with my batting gloves, tap my toes on the ground then when I get to the box I dig my back foot in, smooth out the dirt and I’m ready to go.”

Next time you watch someone at bat check out what they do before they get in the box and while they are on deck. It is quite interesting to think about what might be going through their heads during any given move and what leads up to the perfect at bat and ends with the perfect hit!

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