Ins and Outs of Iannazzo


YOUR Boise Hawk, Matt Iannazzo, is a striking pitcher to watch. It may be his size or maybe it is just the personality, confidence, and passion that he puts into every pitch, but there is something magic there. Iannazzo is a 22-year-old lefty who left his mark on the University of Pittsburg setting school records with 28 wins and 342 innings pitched.

Before playing for Pittsburg, he got his start at the age of 5 playing on his older sister’s, Cori’s, baseball team. It wasn’t “allowed,” because he was too young, but because his father was the coach, they made it happen. Iannazzo started out playing with a Ninja Turtle glove because it was the only left handed glove that his parents, Jeff and Karen, were able to find. I guess it worked!

Leaving Pittsburg, Iannazzo was not a First-Year Player Draft pick and while it was exciting to be signed, it was also a letdown getting passed up in the draft. It was a frustrating process for Iannazzo as he sat and watched names go by of people he had played with and against in college but never saw his appear. “I was discouraged after the draft but getting signed still gave me a great feeling of accomplishment, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass by.”

Not only is Iannazzo a good teammate on the field, he is a good guy off of the field as well. I spoke to his road-trip roomie, Eddie Orozco, who said that he would consider Iannazzo a great friend and teammate. Orozco also let me in on the fact that Iannazzo loves Michael Buble, he is the controller of the remote control and he cannot sleep with the television on because he pictures it in his mind. “He is a great guy. One thing about him is that he loves to have fun and he can take it as much as he dishes it out, which is unlike a lot of people.”

Iannazzo was a Communication and History double major at the University of Pittsburg. If he wasn’t playing baseball he would want to spend his time on Sports Radio or Television. His parents are both teachers and have influenced him in many ways, more than he can put to words. “I love to play baseball and I love being out on the field, but I also take great pride in being a good person and a good friend, it is something that both my parents and sister instilled in me.”

Iannazzo likes to joke around and keep it loose as much as he likes to help out as much as he can on the field. “I’m living my dream right now and I’m going to do whatever is takes in what I can control to go as far as I can in this game.”

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