Road Rage to Road Wins

Chalk it up to winning or the fans at Memorial Stadium, but YOUR Boise Hawks seemed to have a new swag as they stepped out on to the field for last night’s game. Could it be the team’s chemistry, getting used to the road trips, or just bringing home the wins in general?

The first half standings did not represent the talent that we have in the organization this year. YOUR Boise Hawks finished in third place with a 13-25 overall record and just 3-16 on the road. This half seems to be bringing those numbers to a screeching halt. We are currently in first place with an overall record of 13-5 and 6-2 on the road, going 4-1 in their series with the Everett AquaSox who were in first place after the first half of the season.

There was a lot of excitement on the road this past week as YOUR Boise Hawks had three players with a two-homer game and others with four hits in a game. Dan Vogelbach is currently tied for the league lead in long balls with a combined fifteen homeruns this season between the Arizona League and Boise.

Rock Shoulders also had a good series on the road hitting a grand slam last week. “I think the biggest reason with the road game wins is us knowing what to expect on the road as far as fans and stadiums go and it also really helps that everyone kind of has a routine on the road now.” Eddie Orozco shares much of the same opinion with a road routine but he also says it is the new found consistency in all three phases, hitting, pitching and defense. “Our ability to win on the road has been huge! Each guy has found ways to contribute on a daily basis, we are fighting to win and compete no matter what the score is.”

Felix Pena showed his talent going five innings giving up no runs and just two hits with four strikeouts at last night’s game. After a nine hour road trip home and another win, I’d say something must be clicking for the team!

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