Bus Rides and Break Downs with YOUR Boise Hawks

The Boise Hawks haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to road trips this season. From the breaking down of buses to their disappointing performances on the road, the 2012 season has been nothing short of a long and tiring journey on the road.

In the first half of the season YOUR Boise Hawks went 3-16 on the road with their bus breaking down a time or two and also having no AC for one trip. No excuses, but I wondered if this might go hand in hand with one another. Eddie Orozco, who has been here most of the season, gave me the inside scoop on what it is really like on the road with YOUR Boise Hawks.

“First off, bus rides are not fun at all. Typically they are done overnight where you do your best to try to get as much “sleep” as possible but it’s not even close to good rest.” Eddie described the atmosphere as being like that of a library, keeping the noise to a minimum. He says the guys usually listen to music; it is common courtesy to keep the bus quiet so the guys can get as much rest as possible. “The bus rides take a toll on your body, you’re typically stiffer those days and have a few more pains but if you can find ways for your body and mind to overcome the bus rides it shouldn’t negatively impact performance.”

Tayler Scott gives another perspective, “I like road trips. I like to travel and it’s good bonding time with the team.” Scott has been here the full season and has experienced every bump in the road, from the AC breaking to the bus breaking down on multiple occasions. “The bus can get really hot and you can’t sleep as well as you want to.” For Scott, breaking down ends up being like sitting around a camp fire. Stranded on the side of the road for hours allows groups of them to sit around and bond while enjoying the fresh and usually cooler air.  “We talk about everything and tell stories.” Scott has been one guy the road trips have failed to trip up, his record in the first half was actually better on the road than home at Memorial Stadium.

Maybe the unfortunate circumstances YOUR Boise Hawks have had on the road don’t hinder their performance but rather improve it in the long run. These guys are young to the game, the road game, their bodies are still getting used to the schedule that they endure every day, even more so when they are on the road. As Orozco said, if they can learn to overcome the situational circumstances it will only make their game stronger. Time will tell in the second half with 11 road games still ahead of them!

2 thoughts on “Bus Rides and Break Downs with YOUR Boise Hawks

  1. I do not totally agree with this article – yes the guys are young and a few breakdowns create an atmosphere of bonding as the author so puts it, but in reality the amount of breakdowns or malfunctions on the bus rides are very embarassing for Boise. Bus rides overnight can be totally exhausting and when you add breakdowns, hot atmosphere, etc. I am surprised the Hawks are doing good in the second half – I would credit this to the coaching staff and the players who help the rest of the team keep their chin up in poor conditions! GO HAWKS GO! Hopefully, your next roadtrip will be without mishaps!

  2. I completely agree that the credit goes to the boys, they have become a lot closer as teammates and friends this half, staying strong and working together. While the breakdowns are embarrassing, the Boise Hawks Staff does all that they can to get the problems fixed. In my honest opinion I think the embarrassment should be on the company running the bus.

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