Getting the “Big Kid” to the Big Leagues!


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!” This is a quote by George Bernard Shaw that I believe rings true for YOUR 6’5,” 245 pound, Boise Hawk, Michael Heesch. Heesch is a big kid at heart and has a welcoming hand for his fans. He doesn’t care what the activity is, he just enjoys being out with the people who are supporting him and his teammates. “I remember how big of a deal it was to have a professional player speak to me as a kid. I try to put myself in their shoes and I know they look up to us.”

Heesch has been on a few appearances since being here in Boise, and by a few I mean the majority. He never needs to be asked; he is the first to volunteer, never complains and always has a smile on his face. From signing autographs pre-game, to eating lunch at an assisted living facility, Heesch is committed to his job, both on and off of the field.

Growing up in Chicago, Heesch always dreamt of being a professional baseball player for the Chicago Cubs. “I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life and did a history project on Wrigley Field.” He got started in baseball with a tee ball bat his sister had laying around, played college ball at the University of South Carolina Beaufort and is now with the Cubs organization here in Boise. “Just to get drafted was cool, but being a fan for so long and knowing you have a chance to help make or break the team was great.”

If he wasn’t playing baseball, his time would be focused on being a high school history teacher. “History wasn’t a favorite for anyone in high school; my goal was to make it fun again with movies, activities, etc.” One of Heesch’s favorite off-season activities is to read. “It’s peaceful and relaxing.” He has participated in 2 of the 3 KeyBank Reading Tree events we have had this year and the kids love him. Heesch enjoys reading history books along with The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings.

Heesch is a happy guy. He says that part of his success is to “Focus on details and hard work, but the ability to not over analyze things.” He tries to joke as much as possible and he doesn’t let himself have a bad day. “Some people complain about the long bus rides or the heat outside, I’d rather do this every day for the rest of my life than have a 9-5, behind the desk job.” No complaining.

Fun Fact: He still watches Disney movies, cartoons and wishes he could be Batman (still at the age of 22).

Most Shocking Fear: “Massive swarms of bugs.”

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