Shy Talent


Trey Martin has been with your Boise Hawks for just about three weeks now and has already made a growing impression on the fans here. He was a 13th round draft pick in 2011 and played in Mesa last season and the beginning of this season. Known as a defensive player, Trey has been stepping his batting game up since being in Boise.

In the last ten games Trey has put up an average of .417 with 15 hits on 36 at bats, one triple and 3 homeruns! He was the Player of the Week and said “it felt so good. Especially it coming after a little struggle after getting moved up.” Getting comfortable in front of the Boise fans has made a difference for the better, “it feels good.”

Trey got started in ball because of his cousin, Vincent, and father, Donald, who both played. “I wanted to play what they were playing.” Trey looks up to his parents most in life because they have always been there for him for love and support. “They helped me get where I am today and where I will be in the future. They are great people.”

Off the field Trey is your typical guy. He enjoys playing FIFA on the Xbox 360, playing basketball, and hanging out with his friends. He can come off as a shy guy both on and off of the field, but all it comes down to is comfort. “It depends on how I feel on and off the field whether I will be shy or not. In interviews I am shy.”

Trey misses his family, friends, his house, and Zaxby’s. “Zaxby’s is a fast food place that serves chicken and chicken fingers. I eat there about 2-3 times a week back home.” With the excitement in Trey’s voice I asked if that would be his first meal back home, “ABSOLUTELY, it will be in the car that picks me up from the airport!” So if you see Trey around, point him in the right direction for some good chicken in Boise!


3 thoughts on “Shy Talent

  1. If we had known before we flew in from GA last week that you liked Zaxby’s so much, we would have brought you some!! Hunter loves Zaxby’s too!!

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