Family First


Photo By Pam Davis

Bijan Rademacher was born into the life of baseball. His father, Kent, played two years for the Milwaukee Braves and he was always around his older brother, Branden, who was always playing ball. He said that while all of the baseball credit goes to his father and brother, his mom, Parvin, was the one who always looked out for him.

Bijan knew right away that he was destined for a life in baseball. “When I was in kindergarten I brought my teacher a dollar and signed it. I then told her to keep it because it would be worth something one day.” It seems he is on the right path.

“Growing up I was playing against someone five years older than I was, it made me more competitive.” One thing that makes him competitive is his natural throwing ability … with either arm. He said he would throw baseball with his left hand, football with his right, and a dodge ball with both. “No one ever corrected it or said hey, throw with this or that arm.” Now it proves to be a positive for Bijan.

In high school he was friends with everyone but was seen as a “jock.” “I went to a big baseball school, so everyone knew who I was, but I didn’t use that power as some might.” Instead, Bijan focused on baseball. He tried basketball and golf at one point but it all came down to the love of this game, baseball.

After high school the decision became Harvard, ASU, or the University of California Fullerton rather than which sport to play. Harvard was out first because he didn’t want to give up baseball. ASU went next when he was told that his high school rival Cory Hahn would be playing centerfield there, so the University of California Fullerton it was! Bijan ended up transferring to Orange Coast College, along with a few other players he knew, where he was until being drafted this year.

Back home Bijan is a very laid back, family oriented guy. His typical day starts at 8:30am-9:00am when he wakes up, he is in the gym by 10:00am, eats lunch around 1:30pm, hits from 2:00pm-4:00pm and finishes his day by having dinner with his family and hanging out with friends watching a movie, and just like all of the others, he misses his mothers cooking the most. “Nothing beats my mom’s cooking!” He talks to his family every day, game or no game, so they know he cares. Family may be the only thing that beats baseball in Bijan’s life!

Fun Fact: The name Bijan comes from his mother. She was born and raised in Iran and moved here during the revolution.


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