Superstitions, Routines, and the Curse.

Reverse the Curse night, a night held close to the hearts of Cubs fans because the Cubs have not won a world series since 1908. The Curse of the goat was placed on them in 1945 when the owner of Billy Goat Tavern tried to bring a goat into the stadium and was asked to leave. This superstition has turned into a story of a lifetime. It is a serious deal for many such as YOUR Boise Hawk Mike Heesch, a Chicago native. “If Chicago won in 2012, that would be the reason the world would end, Chicago would go crazy!”

So what is it about routines that make them superstitions? The answer: the feeling of discomfort if for some reason the routine is messed up. According to Heesch it will always be “more comfort than superstition.”

I spoke to three of YOUR Boise Hawks and came up with a list of “routines” far to long to mention. However, there were a few that got my attention such as Stephen Bruno who says “literally I have something for every second of the day I just can’t remember.” His list or routines ranged from waking up on the left side of the bed, drinking a 32 oz. light blue Gatorade, carries three notes in his back pocket and sleeping with his bats which have names he won’t mention.

For Mike Heesch it’s more in how things are put on. He must first put on his right shoe then the left, as well as take off his right shoe first. He cleans off only the right side of the rubber before each inning, wears two shirts and 2 pairs of socks, and has to put his hat on in a specific way, front to back. What stood out the most with him was the fact that he carries his glove in his left hand, always walks, never runs out, and when he comes in off the mound he puts his glove in his left hand and once he reaches foul territory he puts his hat in his left hand with his glove (something to watch for).

Eddie Orozco likes to sleep in as late as possible on days that he pitches, showers right before coming to the stadium and right before the game, always wears the same “game-day” compression shorts, drinks a 12 oz. sugar free Red Bull 30 minutes before the game, and must put his left shoe on first.

I also asked the guys what the weirdest superstitions or routines they have ever witnessed were and besides Bruno’s, this is what I got. When someone is on a hitting streak they may not wash certain articles of clothing, a pitcher who ate one Rolo between each inning, bats can’t be crossed and my personal favorite was hearing about a guy who did a back flip in the clubhouse before every game … naked. What is weird to me is a normal routine for him.

Do these superstitions work or not? Is the curse real? I don’t know but it is always in the minds of Cubs fans. With every random act that leads to a loss when it looked like a promising game the curse is brought back to life. Heesch said “there is so much pressure to break the curse, will they ever win in my lifetime? I hope so!”


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