The 5 F’s of the 4th!


Family, friends, fans, fireworks and FREEDOM, that is what today was about here at Memorial Stadium! Even with the loss of the game all I could think about was everything else we have to be thankful for. At the end of the day it is not about a win on the baseball field, it is about a victory on the BATTLEFIELD which allows us to be where we are today, doing the things we love, win or lose.

The 4th of July brought out a crowd of 3,952 including the family of some of YOUR Boise Hawks players. It was a sold out game with perfect weather  and the best firework show in town!

The night of excitement started when the gates opened and the excitement grew as a couple participated in an on field game. The on field game was actually a proposal They had their first date here 2 years ago on the 4th of July and he felt this was the ONLY place to propose! And of coarse, SHE SAID YES! … as did Chadd Krist in the 6th inning!

Chadd Krist had the crowd going wild as he hit a double leading of the 6th inning as the “Beer Batter” of the game. For those who are not aware of the “Beer Batter,” it is the lead off batter at the bottom of the 6th. If the “Beer Batter” gets on base, it doesn’t matter how, the crowd gets beer for ONE DOLLAR! I have never witnessed a crowd get out of their seats as fast as I did tonight, nor have I seen a beer line as long as the one I saw tonight. As the player of the game, I asked how Chadd felt getting a double as the “Beer Batter.” He said that his host family kind of pushes the issue. He has to get on base!

I decided to ask a few of the other players what they enjoy most about the 4th of July, and this is what I got …

“Probably going 3-4 for the Boise Hawks … and fireworks!” – Rock Shoulders

“Watching the fireworks duhhh!!” – Pete Levitt

“That we get to celebrate it. If it wasn’t for this day who knows how our lives would be, who knows who we would be or anything. Without this day and those who stood up for our freedom, who knows we may be living under another country’s rule still. We can celebrate this day however we want because it’s our independence day, it’s our day as a country as a whole and because of that we can celebrate this day however we want.” – Hayden Simpson

“It’s a holiday that brings family together and it always ends in a bang!” – Ian Dickson

Family, friends, fans, fireworks or freedom, I hope you have all had a great 4th!

See you at the ballpark!

– Courtney


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