Mr. Attitude


Courtesy of Scott McDaniel, Thank You!

Ian Dickson, a right handed pitcher from Northport, New York, is known for his great attitude both on and off of the field here in HAWKSTOWN USA. Ian was signed in the 35th round of the 2011 draft out of Layfayette College with one more year to finish his Economics major and Psychology minor which he plans to do over two off seasons. He missed his junior season in 2011 because he tore his left ACL and meniscus. Coming back from the injury was shocking at first due to the fact that he hadn’t pitched in a game since August 2010. “For the most part the biggest adjustment for me after returning from my injury was getting used to playing baseball everyday again.”  But here he is, on the mound and doing well.

Ian believes that the attitude his parents, Russell and Cathy, taught him when he was younger has played a huge part in his success both in his personal life and his career. “For as long as I can remember they’ve been teaching me the importance of hard work and dedication as well as the power of believing in myself and being confident.”

His attitude, hard work, dedication and confidence are all things that generate respect from his teammates. “I try to be a good teammate to everyone and I am really enjoying getting to play with these guys everyday. We have a great group of players and we all get along well.” It seems as though his teammates agree. Rock Shoulders says that Ian is both a great teammate and friend while Tayler Scott (who lives with the same host family) says “he’s a nice guy, never talks bad about anyone. He is a leader in his actions. One of the, if not the most hard working guy on the team. Always trying to get better everyday. And he is a great friend.”

In always trying to better himself, the most important thing for Ian is to stay focused and make the most of the time he has here. “I try to make sure I am working on something every time we throw, and I try to push myself whenever we condition. I want to look back on the opportunity and be able to say I gave it my best effort everyday and I did everything I could to reach my goals.”

Outside of baseball Ian enjoys going to movies, reading and going out on his boat. Usually on the fourth of July he would be having a BBQ with the family and watching fireworks. “This year I’m lucky enough to have my dad and brother in town and I’m looking forward to watching the fireworks with them.”

Happy Fourth of July!


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