Lucky Elephant


For those of you who do NOT know me, I LOVE elephants. I have a pair of elephant earrings and I consider them lucky 🙂 With our loss of Wednesday night’s game, I decided to rock the Lucky Elephant earrings last night … and guess what … WE WON! Now don’t let me take away from our young talent here at Memorial Stadium, I’m just saying that the elephants ARE lucky 🙂

It was 96 degrees, clear sky, and a 4 MPH wind as James Pugliese threw out the first pitch at 7:17p.m.

The Emeralds started the game with a single by Martinez to shortstop. Martinez then scored off Adamson’s triple to center field. The triple was followed by a fly out and ground out. Adamson then scored and Stevens closed the inning with a ground out, Amaya to Shoulders.

Candelario was the only Hawk to get it started in the first inning, with his SECOND homerun of the season, BOTH of which being at Memorial Stadium (I wondered if there was any significance to that, the crowd, the atmosphere?)

The second inning is not worth mentioning as neither team scored. (Just my girly point of view … sorry, I need to get to the excitement).

Emeralds put 3 up and Pugliese took them DOWN in the 3rd inning. Hawks then tied up with Amaya getting a single to 3B who then advanced to 2B on a throwing error. Candelario then grounded out, and Amaya advanced to 3B followed by HOMEPLATE, bringing the score to 2-2. Rock Shoulders was then walked and Kim got the third out.

Again, to me, the 4th inning is not worth the mention so I’m moving onto the fifth … again, I need excitement.

Burke strikes out for the Ems while Adams started the 5th with a homerun on a 3-1 pitch count bringing the score to 3-2 Ems.

With a wild pitch, a single and a walk, the Hawks also got their third run of the game in the 5th inning.

Hayden Simpson replaced James Pugliese in the 6th inning (It was his first game here with the Hawks and he did GREAT).

The score stayed tied through the 8th inning.

While I was waiting to do my Player of The Game on field interview, I was on the edge of my seat wondering who it would be. Will we get our first home win of the season, will my plans for the interview be crushed?

With a double by Richardson and a throwing error by Bruno, Richardson scores … L 4-3 Emeralds, going into the bottom of the ninth.

Still on the edge of my seat, Dunston starts off the last inning striking out. My heart went crazy. BUT THEN … Amaya tripled to center field and all faith was back. I have to admit I didn’t really pay much attention after that until I heard the crowd go wild as Candelario hit a single through the hole at 2B, which brought in the 4th run by Amaya! Contreras then singled, advancing  Candelario to 3B. With that there was a pitcher change for the Ems and Inoa replaced Candelario at 3rd. With Rock up to bat … he singles to left field AND INOA SCORES THE WINNING RUN!

It was a great feeling … I looked to my boss and pointed to my Lucky Elephant earrings 🙂

All that matters is that the boys brought home a W!


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