Speed Dating & Baseball

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind as the 2012 Boise Hawks arrived at the Boise Airport with a large group of fans waiting to greet them. While we only received 21 players to begin the season, there were many host families waiting to take their pick and start making their case for why each player should choose them to live with.

Later on we had a meet and greet with the coaches, players, front office staff and the host families at the Owyhee Plaza. This is where each of the host families had to state their case for why their living arrangements were the best for each player.  Lists ranged from the fact that they had a pool, transportation, a lot of food, xbox, children nuts about baseball, and of course, a list of what kinds of animals they had which ranged from cats and dogs to chickens. In the end, it is a mess of speed dating. Players flock to families while families gravitate to players, swapping name tags to indicate “who belongs to whom.”

At the end of the night the players left for their “new home” with the host families.

Today brings the official start to the team’s 2012 season with media day where they will be swamped for interviews, have pictures taken, participate in their first practice here at Memorial Stadium, and end the night with a dinner at the Hawks Nest with their biggest fans, the season ticket holders. The team will then wake up bright and early and end their 48 hour stay in Boise to leave for their first series with the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes.


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